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VMS R&D is the Original Variable Message Sign (VMS) Intellectual Property (IP) provider and Original Design Manufacture (ODM) in Variable Message Sign (VMS) technology for over 30 years. Please use our website to learn more about and purchase Integrated Variable Message Sign (VMS) system, VMS R&D manufactures, develops and supplies innovative, easy to use, quality traffic management systems that offer the reliability and durability the industry demands.

VMS R&D is specialised manufacturer of Arrowboards and Messageboards for traffic control applications. Focusing primarily on the portable market, products are designed primarily for vehicle monting and solar powered trailer applications.

VMS R&D supplies product. Innovation and localisation of product is key to opening markets. Our production system enables us to supply product which is tailored to a customers unique specification at short notice.


.Modular Components for making VMS signs including LED panels, cabling, embedded controls, custom user input and display devices, sourcecode, PC configuration software and peripherals.

.Complete VMS Signs in a wide range of configurations.

.VMS Trailers

.Components for Manufacturing Arrowboards including electronic controls, looms and LED bulbs.

.Complete Arrowboards to meet required specifications.

.Product customisation services

Our standard VMS signs are single color, 4 leds per pixels, and are available in two pixel densities:

.Standard density for latin alphabet applications and graphics.

.High density for graphics and languages requiring 12 to 20 pixel character height fonts such as Arabic, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai. Our embedded controllers and input devices support complex font rendering including character linking.

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